Shower Cubicles


Shower Cubicles

To provide you with the highest quality shower enclosure or bathtub surround, we trust only the top bathroom glass and hardware manufacturers. Our network of top product vendors enables EasyMark® to install and deliver you high-quality results every time, no matter the location.

Before choosing a product line, a specific door or any additional shower accessories, it’s time to select the shower door or bathtub enclosure style that suits your needs and your individual design aesthetic. Shower doors and tub enclosures come in three main types: frameless, semi-frameless and framed. Within these categories, there are two main sub-categories: sliding door enclosures and swinging door enclosures.


Choosing the correct shower enclosures, doors and trays for your bathroom is the key to creating a bathroom that makes your morning routine feel like a dream. Boasting clever features such as anti-limescale treatment, soft-close doors, and reversible fittings, our shower enclosures, doors, and trays are available in various sizes to suit any bathroom.

Our shower enclosures, doors and trays have been designed from the ground up to suit any size bathroom, from large family bathrooms to compact en-suites with door openings that make a difference. With our modular design you can create your shower enclosure in your own vision. Don’t settle for something less and create your perfect shower enclosure in your image today!

  • What type of shower enclosure is best?
    Sliding shower enclosure doors are preferred as it looks stylish and also saves on space. Alcoves and recesses might look like its hindering the space but ideally, they are the perfect places for your shower.
  • What should I look for in a shower cubicle?
    Consider the glass thickness, and if the glass has an easy-clean protective coating.
  • What are shower cubicles made of?
    Panels and doors are manufactured from solid grade laminate (SGL) with cubicle fittings made from satin anodised aluminium. Ultra-Shower Cubicles are also often used where there is a vandal risk, thanks to the 13mm Solid Grade Compact Laminate (SGL) material and heavy-duty furniture and fixings used